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Courses Taught at The Missionary Training School
Each training course usually receives a week long emphasis, although it is taught the entire 2 month period.  (we may be unable to cover every topic in depth due to unexpected circumstances that can arise from time to time.)

Missionology, God's big picture for missions, the 10/40 window, cultural adjustments, & financial ethics

Biographies, We will explore the lives of missionaries from the past, including Paul, Taylor, Elliot, Muller, Bruchko, Richardson, Carey and more 

Church History / Bible Overview 
Understanding how the church has formed and changed over the last 2,000 years and the effects this has made on people around the world 
Ministry techniques, homiletics (the art of preaching), drama, mime, puppets, cell groups, discipleship, and more.

Emergency Medicine, understanding rural medical techniques using coursework drawn from Where There Is No Doctor.

Missionary Technology, yes, from the jungles of Central America we will be teaching you all about technology. From internet and email use to HAM radio and basic electrical wiring, you will learn all of the basics necessary for missions. Renewable Energy Systems will include understanding renewable energy applications through solar, wind, and hydro-electric models.

Children's Ministry, working with children to share the gospel through arts, crafts, and games.

Extra Training and activities
  • Horseback Riding
  • Explore the wildlife, Costa Rica is home to birds, monkeys, and animals of all kinds, easily seen from excursions into the jungle.
  • Trips to Nicaragua
  • Hiking, Boating, Swimming, and more...
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Serving and training missionaries in the remote area of Costa Rica.
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Helping feed the poor, providing humanitarian projects and medical needs.
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The Comedor, where meals, training, fellowship and medical care take place under one roof (sometimes all at once).
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