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Planting Churches: Our primary calling is to raise up the church of Jesus Christ along Sarapiqui and San Juan Rivers.
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The Comedor meeting house
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Serving and training missionaries in the remote area of Costa Rica.
Share Christ, Work, Missionary Training School, Teaching - Church Planting. Christian Volunteers, Training Missionaries To The World
Helping feed the poor, providing humanitarian projects and medical needs.
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The Comedor, where meals, training, fellowship and medical care take place under one roof (sometimes all at once).
Churches have been established in the villages of Boca del Toro and Cureña. Home cell groups meet in throughout the region. Bible studies have been
conducted with the Nicaraguan Border 
planting churches along the boarder of Nicaraqua
Discipleship: The Great Commission calls us to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19). The church (the body of Christ) becomes strong as new converts grow into mature and committed followers of Christ, and in turn, go out and make more disciples.

A School of Missions (ususally held bi-annually for 8 weeks) trains disciples to go to hard-to-reach places where others will not go. Training is offered in both English and Spanish.

Seminars in Pastoral Care, Sunday School, and leadership training are periodically held for leaders of churches who work with us outside of the river. 

Click here for more information about the Missionary Training School.
Clinic on River boat
The church in Media Vuelta
Social Work: By focusing on medical and educational outreaches, missionaries are granted a foot in the door to share the Gospel with people in remote areas. We strive to follow Jesus example of servant-hood, and like Jesus, all of our good deeds are focused on finding opportunities for evangelism.

Medical Work:
The Hospitalito boat provides mobile medical care to hard-to-reach areas up and down the rivers.

Around-the-clock medical clinic is open at the Mission Headquarters.

Model Farm: Mission headquarters is located on a working farm. The farm serves as an example for the community and also as a source of income for the mission. It has also opened up doors into working with the Nicaraguan government.  A bio-digester pigpen captures animal waste and produces methane gas, which is then used as fuel for cooking. Here, Missions School students are building a new pigpen. Chickens and cows are raised for meat, egg, milk, and cheese production. Several acres of banana trees also produce fruit to feed both animals and humans.

Building the Biodigestor:  With the waste from the chickens an pigs we use the biodigestor to give us gas to cook with and fertilizer for our gardens.

The ultimate mission and purpose of Las Palmas de Mamre is to save souls and raise a solid church in the Sarapiqui/San Juan River region. Nothing we do has benefit in and of itself, unless it also glorifies God and edifies His church. In everything we do, our goal is to make disciples of all the nations (Matthew 28:19,20).
Hospitalito Boat
Pig Farming
Chicken Farming
Baptizing New Converts
Building Biodigestor-1
Building Biodigestor-2
Building Biodigestor-3
Building Biodigestor-4
Building Biodigestor-5
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